Hoq Firm is a service wealth management firm, offering a verity of services including Forex Trading , Tree Plantation, and Forever living products care. All the projects are managed by Mohammad Ibadul hoq  –  The director of Hoq Firm. Sultana Akter Sonia – Advisor of Hoq Firm.

Hoq Firm is started since 2012.  Hoq Firm offers people to get the open services, understand and invest, get profitable with own demand. Hoq firm has a special fund managerial team to guide and utilize your fund in the right way. The concept of using your fund to get profit for both side and make profit by mutual relations.

We think for new to make it more color and develop with the demand of you. So everyone is welcome to visit and ask for the opportunity we have. We can help you to organize your business that you looking for long but yet could not start.

We serving people for long years with great satisfaction and trust. We evaluate from trifling to larger people to consult and way to organize their fund for a great return.


We run all our projects to develop and improve people lives in verity of way they like, consulting and evaluating people thought we take mutual profit.


Hoq Firm deserves the think of serving people all time, Help, manage and guide them. The ultimate desire of this firm is to create a good community people to goal together.